4 Amazing Smartphone Apps To Improve Your Eyesight

Smartphone and tablet apps have revolutionized the way we live our lives. With the growing number of health apps available to download at the click of a button, it’s no wonder people are seeking new ways to diagnose and seek support for their own health problems.

Statistics show that over 11 million people in the US suffer from some form of visual impairment. With this extraordinary number, Apple and other smartphone manufacturers have been working to develop apps to support and enhance the users’ vision. These four apps offer innovative ways to improve, train and even assess your eyesight.


The EyeSight app may be an important step in doing this. It has been created to replace handheld magnifiers to allow users to zoom and magnify text and images. Designed by SightTech, EyeSight is set to be the most intuitive magnification tool available and can easily magnify printed text by up to 12X. The app is intuitive and can be controlled with just a few simple hand gestures. In addition, the app can be used to make colour adjustments and enhancements. For example, people suffering from colour blindness could easily change colour-contrast settings to a choice of four options: normal, enhanced positive, enhanced negative, yellow on blue, yellow on black or blue on white. These options were designed specifically to aid people who suffer from the most common types of colour blindness.


As the name suggests, this app can support the user’s vision without glasses. With more than six out of 10 American adults wearing some form of corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses), a smartphone app to train vision would be invaluable to many users. GlassesOff acts as a training programme which, when used over time, could improve the user’s ability to process and focus images. As eyesight deteriorates with age, it’s important to ensure we do our best to keep our eyes functioning at their best. This revolutionary app works by displaying groups of blurry lines across the screen and the user needs to identify when one of the lines reaches the center. To test the results of the app, users were asked to complete an optical eye test. It was found that among users with an average age of 51, they were able to read further down an eye chart when they had used the app 40 times. These positive results suggest that the app could be a vital advancement in vision improvement.

EyeXamEyeXam phone app

EyeXam has already enjoyed over one million downloads in just six months on the market. However, unlike the eyesight-improving apps, EyeXam gives the user the ability to test their own eyesight and to find out useful information about their vision. The test is similar to one you might take at your local opticians, all in one handy smartphone app. You can test your eyes for colour perception, astigmatism and even eye dominance. Following the test, EyeXam then offers a useful, comprehensive list of local opticians in your area. So, if you find that there is a problem with your sight, you can easily book an appointment with the app scheduling tool. Furthermore, the app is a great resource tool for researching on a variety of eye topics for a comprehensive (and completely free!) diagnosis tool.

Vision Resolution  

In a similar way to GlassesOff, Vision Resolution is an Android App offering a training programme of a series of eye exercises to sharpen natural eyesight. It is particularly designed for people who have difficulty reading small fonts in print or on screens. This app is not as popular as the GlassesOff app but is available to buy for just £1.29 so may be worth a trial.

These apps are available to download now. Remember to take caution when using any health apps and be sure to consult your doctor or optician before making any major lifestyle changes.

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