Advice for independent artists: Warming up your vocals

Vocal warm upsOpen Mic UK gives singers advice on how to warm up your vocals for an audition. 

Knowing how to warm up your vocals is very important as it protects your vocals and prepares your voice for an audition. A warmed up voice stands out when watching an audition in comparison to one that’s left and over rehearsed.

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  • Have a good posture

Good posture helps with the air flow through your body.  The best way to stand is with your legs shoulder width apart and your feet firmly on the floor. If you choose to sit rather than sound, sit on the edge of the chair, back straight and don’t learn on the chair.

  • Take deep breaths

Most people have the poor habits of using only the top of their lungs, avoid this. If you feel tense at all whilst breathing it will show through your voice. Keep your shoulders low and your chest relaxed.

  • Ease all tension and relax your body

This will ease your mind and steady your voice. Relaxing your jaw allows for the best movement when singing, it’s best to massage your cheeks with the heel of each hand.

  • Do Scales

Practising the scales is something that will help you to see what you’re comfortable with and what may be a struggle. It also prepares your voice for every note you’re likely to hit during your audition.

  • Hum

Humming helps to cool down your voice, but also helps to warm it up without the straining of singing. Humming through the scales is an effective technique. Also ensure your voice is warmed up before an audition to protect your vocals and also to help build your vocal confidence.

Remember no matter what happens, just enjoy it, you’ve been given the opportunity to sing for someone, embrace it!

For more advice on how to warm up your vocals go to:



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