Fitness Tech You Should Consider Adding to Your Workout in 2020

Let’s face it working out can sometimes be a chore. But as we mentioned in our post entitled ‘Rediscovering The Fun Side Of Fitness’ last year , adding technology is one way to make working out more fun. After all, smart devices nowadays not only provide insight, but more engagement to your workouts. Now we are in 2020, we’re outlining a range of technologies to choose from to level up your workouts. Here are some of them:

A gadget that tracks you


In her review of health and fitness gadgets to invest in this 2020, Anya Meyerowitz at Huffington Post speaks highly of the Fitbit Versa 2. It’s a handy smart watch that lets you track fitness metrics, like calories burned, hydration levels, and even sleep quality. Such tracking, in turn, helps you monitor your progress. As we explained in ‘6 Ways You Can Get That Gym Motivation Back’, this progress tracking is crucial to motivation. When you see evidence of progress, you’re likelier to stay motivated, and keep going with your fitness journey.

Gear that ‘works’ with you


If you want gear that works with you, Business Insider points to Nurvv Run, a shoe insert that analyses a runner’s gait (or runner form) and technique, then provides points for improvement afterwards. Nurvv Run also has features that allow you to track your running metrics, like cadence (number of steps per minute), speed, and even your footstrike (your first point of contact with the ground). This allows you to completely benchmark your progress so you can improve and modify your training. Having such detailed metrics to enhance your running technique will keep you from putting undue stress on your legs and feet, thereby lessening running-related injury risks. Consequently, you’ll be able to make the most out of your runs.

Tech that relieves you


Getting a good rubdown is a nice follow-up to any workout, as it can help relieve you of soreness. Everyday Health has something for that in its list of fitness tech to watch out for, and it’s the Hyperice Hypervolt. It is a device the size of a hair-dryer that emits bursts of pressure that can help relieve muscle soreness. These bursts of pressure, which can be slow or rapid depending on your preference, can also improve range of motion and circulation. The result is faster recovery, which will allow you to keep working out as often and as intense as you want.

Something that lets you sleep


Good sleep is just as vital to getting fit as exercise and a healthy diet. Unfortunately, a lot of us struggle to get the sleep we need to get the full health benefits, like cell repair, stress reduction, and improved memory. So, if you often have a hard time sleeping, Jack Rear suggests you wear the Philips Smartsleep Headband. This hi-tech (albeit funky looking) headband not only measures your sleep, but also improves its quality by emitting audio that can lull you into the best kind of shut-eye: the slow wave sleep.

A setup for the ages


Finally, here’s this package from fitness-centred companies Huami and STUDIO: the Amazfit Home Studio. It is an actual home workout centre that combines hi-tech fitness platforms like Peloton with advanced gear such as Mirror. It comes equipped with a 43-inch smart screen, a top of the range treadmill, and a front-facing 3D camera. With this package, you’ll be able to have your own personal fitness classes at home.

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