Review – Lizzie Jane single ‘I Don’t Think So’

Pop with a sense of humour, the new single from Manchester based singer-songwriter Lizzie Jane is a prime example of why music is better when it’s not made to formula.

Firing pot shots across the water at music executives who only want women to conform, this song takes on a vital issue by poking fun at the issue, the industry and (towards the end) at the artist herself.

On top of the excellent lyrics and recording, this single is really well performed, with a vocal style made familiar by the likes of Kate Nash and Lily Allen. And with the recent outcries against pop videos showing more and more female skin (the government are working on a strategy to bring in age ratings, it’s got so bad) this single is both relevant and pointed. Long may it continue from Lizzie Jane.

For those in the North West, there is a single launch party at Sound Control in Manchester on the 5th of September tickets are £5 and available here – we recommend you attend if you can:


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