Self titled EP out now from The Angeles Project

Stunning in how it makes something complex sound so simple, the above track is a great example of what makes the debut, self titled EP from The Angeles Project so good. ‘Paper Heart’, the LA based duo’s most recent single, is created from individual parts that might seem spare and simple, but thanks to the vocal of Mimi R an production from Andrew Brassell it’s anything but. It’s very difficult to capture the mood of a dusty sun baked city in lyrics and melody, but ‘Paper Heart’ and the other three tracks on the EP do just that.

It’s easy to imagine (slowly) driving around the city and taking it all in while listening to this collection, and in spite of a moderately downtrodden take on the town it still makes a visit sound appealing. If it’s as appealing as this music, then it’s well worth a visit.

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